10 Step Post-Exam Program

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May 8, 2013
So you’ve just finished writing 8 exams, now what? I’ve compiled a list of things I that like to do once exams are over. (This list is not in order, all-encompassing, or definitive by any means.)  1. Sleep. This first step is obviously a no brainer. You’ve worked hard – and probably didn’t get the recommended 6-8 hours per night. Your brain and body need to rest. And if you need to sleep in for the next few days… go for it.  2. Make plans with friends. Either with the friends that you see 4 days a week, or with the ones that you only see twice a year (because your life has been consumed with school for the past 8 months). The latter type of friends are pretty excited that you’re free for the next 4 months – so start planning some dates! 3. Exercise. Unfortunately, this didn’t make my top 3 priorities this exam session – and I’m certainly paying the price now. Currently, I’m trying to ease back into running and yoga. I’m sure I don’t need to get into the benefits about exercise and how AMAZING and ACCOMPLISHED you feel afterwards – so just remember, that it’s really important, and even a 20 minute walk (after sitting down for the past 2 weeks) is great start.  
4. Go out for a nice dinner. You just finished writing 8 exams – go celebrate! I’m not one to say no to a glass of wine, but I prefer going out for dinner. I love trying new and different foods – and when you’re out, you can be adventurous and try something that you probably wouldn’t have made for yourself at home. 5. Clean. If you’re anything like me, my room becomes a disaster zone during the exam period. I have books and piles of paper stacked anywhere and everywhere in my room. Not to mention my clean clothes come from a basket rather than neatly folded out of a dresser drawer. Set aside a few hours in your not-so-busy day, and get your stuff in order – you won’t cringe every time you walk into your room.  
6. Enjoy the weather. Whether it be in your backyard or on a patio. Regardless, there’s something about +20 degree weather and sitting outside without needing a jacket or sweater. Excellent idea: get a group a friends, find a patio, and order a pitcher of Sangria.  7. Read. I love reading – so no matter how many notes I had to read during the past few weeks, I’ll still pick up a good book. Last summer, I planned to read many books – and unfortunately didn’t get to all of them. I plan to take it easy this summer and read whatever comes my way.  8. Travel/Plan mini-adventures). Some people go to Europe, some people stay in the city. I don’t have any time to get out of the city this summer, so I’m planning on exploring a few places in the city. Last year I often found myself in the St. James neighbourhood, so this year I want to check out the Ossington area. 
9. Summer playlist. Find good songs to listen to while you’re exercising, cleaning, lounging in your backyard. Whatever. My current playlist has become a bit repetitive, so it’s time for something new. Also, go to concerts. Honestly, I’ve only been to 2 concerts (ever), but they’re so much fun and it’s great to experience someone’s passion and words in a musical setting. I had the opportunity to see The Lumineers last week, and it was incredible.  10. Eat better. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are in season right now making it the best time to try out new recipes. I’m trying to get my daily menu back on track (I essentially survived on pizza durin exams), so I’m looking forward to making a meal plan with fresh and local foods.  What do you think of my list – have I missed anything? What do you typically like doing once exams/stressful periods are over?

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