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May 1, 2012

After spending the last few days relaxing (and bringing down my cortisol levels), I felt that a post-year wrap up would be appropriate – because a lot has changed this year. 

Let’s start at the beginning – what brought me to CCNM:

4 years and a victory lap: I didn’t mind spending 5 years at York. Initially I was a bit bummed out – some of my friends were graduating on time, some were going to do their masters, some were even going to med school… and I was still ‘stuck.’ All I knew was that a. I needed to do something else (aka. having a Biology degree meant nothing), and b. I needed to find that something else. 

This lead me to doing my thesis – where I decided that although lab work was fun, it wasn’t for me. I needed more human interaction, and I wanted to help people – but I knew I didn’t want to be a medical doctor.

In an interesting turn of events, the idea of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor was brought on by 3 people in the span of a month: my optometrist – whose friend recently graduated, my boss at York, and my mom’s friend – who was recently diagnosed with cancer and sought out naturopathic medicine as a complimentary treatment. 

I researched Naturopathic Medicine, went to CCNM’s open house, and spoke to a ND. I applied, went for an interview (I couldn’t make the interviewers smile, and thought I performed terribly), and later got in! 

(Which was a funny experience in itself, simply because I was shopping at the time – and spent quite a bit. My heart stopped when I looked at my BlackBerry and read the email… and then looked at all the bags in my hand, and shook my head because now I was truly in debt)

I got home and cried (typical girl move, right?) – which were a mix of happy tears and “am I making the right decision” tears. I spent the summer educating myself and others about naturopathic medicine, defended my choice to others, and took a prerequisite (what a way to spend my graduating summer!)

Then the first day of school came…

I spent the day a. worrying about if I was making the right decision, b. if this decision would be financially stable, and c. if I would make any friends. After getting a mild type of food poisoning, I packed all my stuff for Unity Summit – hoping that I would at least make some friends (spoiler: I did), and if they felt the same as me. 

This year definitely had it’s up and downs, but I’ve stood behind the idea that if you’re in this program/profession – you need to heal yourself before you can heal other people. 

I’ve learned how to better articulate my thoughts and feelings, how to be more mindful and empathetic, how to study effectively, how to be a good and supportive friend, how to not cry when I get a needle, how to cry in public, how to eat healthy, how to maintain (a semblance) of composure in hot yoga, how to be a caring person, how to breathe deeply and not let things bother me, and how to let someone go. 

I can only imagine what I’ll learn next year.  

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