How to Start a Spring Detox

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April 7, 2014

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We’re well on our way into spring, and it’s during this time when most people begin a detox. If you spring clean your house, why not spring clean your body? Detoxification is a great opportunity to press the ‘restart’ button on your body and bring it back to a balance – plus it’s a great way to prep your body for a weight loss regimen.

There are so many ways to complete a detox, and sometimes it’s best to start simple and increase difficulty as you continue. While most people think that detoxing merely involves changing the way you eat – it’s also about practicing self care!

Here are a few simple ways that you can detox:

Drink water | About 2-3L per day, starting as soon as you get up. For an extra kick, add a few slices of lemon to your water to help flush your body of toxins.

Clean diet | Worry not – you don’t need to go completely organic (it can get pretty pricey!) Check out the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen’ and choose your foods from there. You may also want to consider decreasing your sugar intake, fried foods, and take-out! I find that preparing my food ahead of time for the week (ie. lunch), prevents me from buying lunch and eating something unhealthy. Do what works for you. I will mention however, the more vegetables you eat (bonus points: green and leafy) the better.

Helpful links: Get the morning started off right with a green smoothie

Deep breathing | Good thoughts in. Bad thoughts out. This one might be a bit obvious, but sometimes it’s best to detoxify the mind and allow for peace to enter.

In the showerAlternating hot and cold showers. Dry brushing.

Exercise | Get your heart rate up, and get those sweat glands open. Hot yoga is a great way to detoxify, and it makes your muscles feel great afterwards.

Love | Call a friend. Cuddle. Give someone a hug.

Why you should always travel with a pair of wool socks

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November 4, 2015

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Last week I returned home from my European vacation. The food, architecture, the nature – it was incredible. I’m mentally planning my next adventure (don’t tell my partner). I was worried however, of getting sick during especially because it was a 3-week trip in October.

Naturally, I packed a few supplements, botanicals, homeopathics, and cozy socks. Fast forward to our second week, when I begin to feel congested (and my walking back and forth to the powder room almost single-handedly contributed to my daily step count). As I lay in bed that night, I remembered my wool socks.

My partner thought I was a bit nuts, as I encouraged myself (out loud, obviously) to put on the freezing socks. Come the next morning, however, the congestion was gone! I could breathe deeply through both nostrils and life couldn’t be any better.

The mechanism behind this chilly practice, is that the cold applied to our feet stimulates both our circulation and lymphatic system, thereby making our body warm up our feet. Reflexively, this treatment also increases circulation and lymph in our head and throat (causing a decrease in congestion).

The treatment is amazingly simple – you need a pair of thin cotton socks, a pair of thick woollen socks, and cold water. Before you attempt the treatment, it’s best to ensure that your feet are warm – you may want to take a hot bath or shower right before. Soak the cotton socks in ice-cold water and wring them out. Once more for good measure. Now here’s the fun part – put those cold socks on your feet. Breathe. One more time. Finish by covering them with the wool socks. Go to bed. Wake up 8+ hours later and marvel in your dry feet and socks! Carry on with your normal day-to-day, this time congestion free.

The ULTIMATE self care routine

Feeling stressed? Check out my ULTIMATE self care routine. Let's make #selfcaresunday a thing!

Sundays have always been precious to me – they allow me to process the past week, and recharge for the upcoming one. Not only do I like the think that I’ve created the best hashtag (#selfcaresunday), but I also believe that I’ve perfected the ritual. Here’s what my ideal self care Sunday entails:

Epsom salt bath. This is what started it all.  Epsom salt baths are my favourite – the salts contain magnesium which helps relax the muscles. I love to add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to the bath to also relax my mind.

Coconut oil hair mask. Massaging about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in my hair and leaving it in there for about 30 minutes, is my ultimate fix it. I shampoo and condition it out at the end of my bath – and it moisturizes and resets my curls. I love doing this every week – especially in the summer months.

Sugar scrub. Everyone loves smooth and silky skin, right? At the end of the salt bath, I’ll exfoliate my skin using a natural scrub – which helps increase circulation and lymphatic flow to the area (boosting our immunity!). They’re incredibly easy to make yourself (check out a past article here), or you can purchase a ready-made version. A few months ago, I purchased LoveFresh’s sugar scrub. Not only does it smell wonderful, it’s made with natural ingredients – including Vitamin E and various wonderful herbs (think: calendula, salix, red clover)! While a little goes a long way, I tend to save it for special occasions.

Entertainment. Whether it be a fantastic album (might I suggest Coexist by The xx) or a podcast (TED Radio Hour, This American Life, Serial, Savage Lovecast), it’s nice to relax with some off-screen time.

Tea.  Last but not least, I like to finish the night off with tea. Whether it be a mix of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower or a simple green tea, it’s nice to sip a hot and soothing beverage before bed.