5 Free Endometriosis Apps

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December 13, 2017
free endometriosis apps

I love all things tech, especially apps that can track things for me (because I don’t always carry around a separate notebook with me all the time). Because I see many clients living with endometriosis and I often have them track their symptoms for me (in conjunction with their treatment plans), I’m always on the lookout for apps that make tracking as simple as possible. 

I searched ‘endometriosis’ on the app store, and discovered these free endometriosis apps. Not all were created equal, or did the same thing! So, I’ve gone ahead and highlighted how each app works and if it would be helpful for women with endo. 


This app was created for people suffering with chronic illness, not just endometriosis. It requires a log-in, and then has you track the conditions you select for. Once you select endometriosis, it will have you track the symptoms. That said, there isn’t a pre-populated list of symptoms to track. Which might be difficult for women who have just become aware of endometriosis. However, it states that you can change this later. 

Furthermore, you are able to track your treatments, which you may also modify later. It does have a check-in reminder, which will send you an email at the time you choose. It also has a journal and a tag system – although I don’t know its purpose. 


Out of all of the apps that I downloaded, this one was my favourite. It’s a period and symptom tracker app. Once you download it, it has you create an account and enter when you last experienced your menstrual cycle. Like most period tracker apps, it indicates when you may be ovulating, but we know that your specific signs in your body will give you a better indication.

What I really liked about this app is that there is an option for you to learn about what endometriosis is, there’s a quiz that will tell you how likely it is that you might have endo (although this doesn’t replace the gold standard test – the laparoscopy). For Canadian users, there aren’t any doctors listed on this app, but it does give you many questions to ask your doctor. 

While premium features include its ovulation and medication log, the free app does list recipes for the endo diet, videos for pain management, and the ability to export your journal and share with your doctor.   

free endometriosis apps

My Endometriosis Team

This is a social network for women with living with endometriosis. So while there is no ability for you to track your symptoms, you are able to share photos, post updates and get answers to your questions! 

Endo Empowered

This app is actually a 21 day challenge, designed to get you into a state in wellness. The first day has you take note of the 5 things that you’re putting up with and that you want to change While day 2 has you write down what could make your life better. 


This is an app created by Colombia University to conduct observational research and catalog the signs and symptoms of endometriosis. They invite all anyone with endometriosis to join, but do require consent for those under the age of 18. You are eligible to participate in the study if you’ve had at least one menstrual cycle, and have experienced symptoms of endometriosis in the past 3 months. 

Final Thoughts

Many of these apps turned out to be incredibly different from one another. If you’re looking for a symptom tracker, I would choose Flutter or Phendo (if you want to join a research study). If you’re hoping to join a community, Facebook has tons of groups (including my own – which I just started!)

Let me know in the comments below if you use any of these apps, or is there a particular one that you recommend? If you found this information helpful, please sign up for my monthly newsletter called The Flow for great and informative content like this!

My 5 Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

The 5 Health and Wellness apps that should be on every woman's smartphone

Instagram, Twitter, and 1010! (best game ever!) are arguably the most used apps on my smartphone. But considering the leaps and strides that have been made in the tech field (especially the health stream), it’s nice to have some more ‘serious’ apps balance out the fluff. Here’s a list of health and wellness apps that I use most often:

P Tracker Lite. I use this convenient app on a monthly basis to track my period. Yes, I know when my period generally starts – but I have the option of tracking symptoms (ie. migraines, moodiness, tenderness) as well as the characteristics of the actual flow (which becomes very interesting when using a DivaCup). Moreover, it gives you the average length of your cycle, as well as an estimate of when you’re fertile and ovulating. I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now and I love it. From a naturopathic perspective it’s a great learning tool, because so many naturopathic doctors who focus on women’s health ask about the menstrual cycle – and it helps engage and empower women to ask and learn more about their cycle.

Nike Training. I’ve written about my love for this app before. I’m still in love with it. Essentially when I’m not working, I’ll put on a movie or watch TV and workout at the same time. Nike’s workouts range by levels, goal, length, and equipment. Plus you can also create your own program!

Skin Deep. This app was developed by the Environmental Working Group. When you enter in a product’s name or scan its barcode it consults its cosmetics database to determine it’s rating. The app will tell you about any health concerns (cancer, developmental/reprotoxicity, allergy), as well as rank the ingredients by hazard (high, moderate, and low). When I’m out shopping for cosmetics, I typically consult this app when I don’t recognize certain ingredients. Some Canadian products are not on this database, which is something to keep in mind.

Health.  This app came pre-installed on my iPhone. I only use this app for the pedometer (although it does have many other features that presumably sync with the Apple Watch). When I was in Europe, there was one day where my partner and I walked 25km – so naturally for the rest of our trip we would guess how much we walked at the end of the day. Obviously this app wouldn’t be very useful if your phone remains stationary for most of the day (which may be an indication that you should move more), but I’ve found it helpful on the days when I’m out and about.

Flipp. My mom introduced me to this great app! This is a grocery app for those of you who like to price match at the check-out line. What I like to do is plan my meals for the week, determine which ingredients I need to purchase, and enter those into the app – where it brings up various grocery stores that have the same product and the cost. The Superstore near my house allows for price matching, so I simply show them the cheaper price, and they match it. It’s a fantastic way to save money, and it makes eating healthy more attainable.

 Are there any apps that I’m missing out on? What are some of your favourites?