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December 1, 2017
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I love the holidays and love working with women who have endometriosis! So whether you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed or suffering from endo for a long time – I’ve created an endometriosis gift guide that they’ll surely love. 

Because endometriosis is now being considered an inflammatory disease, as well as a disease that involves excess estrogen, I often create treatments focusing on nutrition and healthy habits. Oftentimes my clients will change aspects of their diet and incorporate more eco-friendly products into their routine. That’s why I’m sharing some of my favourite products that will help make their lives easier, cleaner and less inflammatory (how glamorous is that?). 

endometriosis gift guide, endo gift guide, toronto naturopath, naturopath toronto, endometriosis naturopath

1. THE FIRST MESS / I usually recommend going gluten and dairy-free to most of my endo clients. This is because both gluten and dairy can be quite inflammatory in the body, therefore we want to minimize external sources of inflammation – such as these common foods. I recently purchased this cookbook, and have really enjoyed it so far. While it’s not 100% gluten-free, it’s plant based! This is important because the fibre not only keeps you regular, but helps estrogen leave the body. 

2. ILIA MASCARA / Over the past couple of years, I’ve been slowly transitioning to cleaner beauty products. Because mascara is a product I use almost every day, I knew that I needed to switch up my old favourite to something new. I personally have been using this mascara and have no complaints. Plus, I actually think my lashes have never looked better!  

3. THE 5 MINUTE JOURNAL / A few years ago I came across an article about gratitude, and writing out a few things you were grateful for each day. Because I was experiencing a low mood at the time, I began this practice and after a few weeks I began to notice a shift in perspective. I started looking for the positives in my day (as small as they may be). While you can use any notebook to practice gratitude, I like the 5 minute journal because it helps you identify things you are grateful for, things that would make that day great, and how things that could have made the day better. Practising gratitude can actually help improve mood and decrease stress both of which are critical for someone experiencing endo. 

4. BITE AGAVE LIP MASK /  You’ve probably heard what people say about any lip product – we end up eating it by the end of the day. Because lip gloss and mascara are my everyday essentials (ND’s want to look good too!), I opt for products with clean ingredients. I’ve been using this mask for the last 6 months and not only does it stay on for a long time, a little goes a long way! 

5. MUSE / If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, then you know that meditation can do wonders for the brain. I’ve had this meditation headband for over a year now, and I love it because it can sense your brain during mediation and provides instant feedback (though calm waves, or busy winds), that help guide you to a zen state of mind. 

6. BODY BLITZ WATERS / If I can’t get out of the city, enjoying the waters at Body Blitz is one of my favourite things to do for an adrenal reset. While you can also enjoy massage treatments and cool offerings like body scrubs (which are my absolute favourite), I like the waters because it’s affordable and you’re still getting a great treatment. If you’ve never done a water circuit before, cycle through a dead sea salt pool, eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna, epsom salt pool and a cold plunge pool. The cold plunge is the hardest part – but you can do it (even if you’re just cold water stomping!). 

7. TURMERIC WINTER TEA / This turmeric and ginger tea has two key ingredients that have been shown to be helpful for both inflammation and dysmenorrhea. While you’re not getting therapeutic doses of curcumin (active compound in turmeric) or ginger, this tea will keep you nice and toasty and help liver detoxification (which is great for estrogen!). 

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8. THINX PERIOD UNDERWEAR / While you might not be getting a pair of period underwear for your bff, they might be great for you! If you menstruate and are hoping not to ruin another pair of your favourite underwear, think about switching to a pair designed for you to bleed. These heavy duty underwear can absorb up to 2 tampons worth of fluid (about 10mL), or be paired with a menstrual cup, tampon, etc. I just ordered a pair a few weeks ago and am eagerly awaiting them and my period!

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9. SWELL COFFEE TUMBLER / I ask all my clients about their plastic usage – from the products that are being reheated at lunch to what they’re drinking out of! I have every one switch over to glass or stainless steel bottles/containers to not only decrease their environmental footprint, but to minimize their toxic exposure. So many environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors (and mimic estrogen!), so making the switch is a no-brainer. I’ve been using a Swell water bottle since 2015 and it’s travelled everywhere with me (including overseas!). It keeps my drinks at it’s desired temperature, so I got really excited once they added a new coffee tumbler to their product lineup!

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10. THE FOUR TENDENCIES / I love this book because it’s all about improving your life based on your personality. For people who have endometriosis, they will likely have to incorporate some new habits in their lives – and may have trouble doing so. Knowing your tendency can guide you in forming those sustainable habits, and seek help from others if that’s something you need! Her other book Better than Before is also fantastic for creating habits, but isn’t as in depth. You can check out my review here

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11. AROMAOM / While I love candles, it can be difficult finding one that’s not burning toxic ingredients (did you know that ‘fragrance’ can actually be 200 different chemicals?). That’s why I often choose to diffuse essential oils instead. If I’m craving a sense of calm and peace (when stress is at an all-time high), I’ll add in a couple drops of lavender essential oil because lavender is a powerful anti-anxiety herb (in some studies, encapsulated lavender essential oil can be as effective as an SSRI – but talk to your doc about that) and when you’re smelling it it actually crosses the blood-brain barrier rather quickly and leads to automatic zen. 

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