fast food: spicy (baked) sweet potato chips

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May 24, 2012

So this blog is well underway of becoming a food blog. Which is okay – I guess. I am taking a cooking class this summer and I actually have time to make a decent meal or two (summer break is amazing!)

I noticed my sweet potato looking a little sad, and since I had time I decided to make sweet potato chips. Usually I bake them with a herbed dressing, however this time I decided to use a spice blend that I picked up (for my dad) in Montreal from Schwartz’s Deli.


– 1/2 sweet potato (this is enough for one person)
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Herb/spice blend (I normally use an Italian blend – like Clubhouse Italiano)

Using a mandolin, I thinly sliced the potato, and placed on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. 

I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on top, and made sure all the potatoes were coated. 

*At this point you can also put the herb/spice blend on top (2 tsp should be good enough, but it’s all dependent on you and what you like!)*

I placed the sheet in the oven at 375F and left them in for 8 minutes. My oven is pretty strong, so I checked up on the potatoes every few minutes to make sure they didn’t burn. 

Once the potatoes looked crispy, I topped them off with some spice. 

Next time I go to Montreal, I’m stocking up!

What’s your favourite sweet potato recipe?

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