fast food: strawberry & shrimp spinach salad

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March 19, 2012
I was in such a rush this morning- between finishing 2 assignments (referencing is the bane of my existence), showering, making lunch, and commuting to school – I had no time to come up with anything special (or so I thought). 
I knew I needed to start eating the spinach I bought (there’s so much), so I built up from there. I’ve never had fruit in a salad (really), and my mom bought some strawberries so I thought  I’d experiment so I some in, and I wanted protein – so I added (my current obsession) coconut shrimp. 
I wasn’t too sure how the flavour combination would turn out – but it was quite delicious! I think I have a winner here!
What you need:
– spinach
– strawberries (sliced)
– coconut shrimp (follow package directions, once cooked cut into pieces)
– goat cheese
– sunflower seeds
– EVOO and balsamic vinegar
I’m more a go-with-the-flow person, so I added in how ever much I wanted. 
How often do you come up with recipes on the fly?

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