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April 14, 2017
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I haven’t been out and about lately (although the weather has mostly been wonderful), so please enjoy this picture from Portugal! My partner and I have been wanting to go back, but it’s been difficult finding the time to do so. Being away for 3 weeks was great – especially for my adrenals! I remember listening to a podcast a few months ago about adrenal fatigue and the hosts had mentioned that it takes about 3 weeks to truly relax and recover from adrenal fatigue. The first week of the vacation is to wind down and reset your system, the second to repair and restore a rhythm, and the third week is to reboot your energy! It got me thinking – how many people do you know take a 3 week vacation? And do we really need a vacation to fix all the damage stress is causing? Sometimes yes. But, I like practicing self care throughout the week (and taking an adaptogen) to help decrease stress. Hopefully we will be able to go back soon, but until then – you can find me at Moksha or BodyBlitz. 

What you should read this week!

Vaginal Bacteria can trigger UTIs | If you read my article on vaginal infections, you already knew this could happen. But interestingly enough, the bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis can also trigger an E.coli-caused UTI! Another reason to ensure a healthy vaginal microbiome!

Man-made menstrual cycle | How cool is this?: “Researchers hope that the synthetic reproductive system will provide another avenue for studying diseases such as cervical cancer, and allow them to test new contraceptives and fertility treatments before being used in people” 

11 Signs why you might need to change your birth control | Feeling sad? It could be a result of your birth control. Learn about 10 other signs to look out for!

#ThatsHarassment | Subtle moments may cause a shift in boundaries. Watch this latest series featuring David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends!) to see what can constitute as sexual harassment. 

What is an ectopic pregnancy? | Sometimes when a woman becomes pregnant, the fertilized egg doesn’t attach to the uterine lining, it instead attaches to a structure outside the uterus like the fallopian tubes. This is known as an ectopic pregnancy. Learn about the signs and symptoms, and risks associated with this condition!

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