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May 5, 2017
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Please enjoy this magnolia tree, because it’s currently raining outside and my daily walk might need to be postponed. Currently I’m trying to establish more daily healthy habits in my life – I’ve successfully meditated for 26 days in a row (!!!) using my Muse, and it seems high time to tack on something else. The main habits I want to incorporate is some form of daily exercise (walking, or the elliptical during rain) and drinking a green smoothie. And because I love lists and checking off boxes – I’m probable going to create some type of sheet to keep track. I haven’t quite decided if I should be rewarded for my commitment (ie. can I keep this up all summer?) but a trip to Body Blitz might be in the cards for me!

Here’s what you should read this Friday:  

Pre-Pregnancy Detox | I think all women who are considering having children should do some form of a detox prior to conception – if that’s possible for them. I’m not advocating that everyone should go ahead and rid their body of heavy metals and commit to a 2 month juice fast – but there’s something to be said about the number of toxic chemicals found in umbilical cord blood. Simply focusing on eating well (ie. following the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen) and getting rid of plastic food containers could realistically be the first step. Moreover, if you feel like your health isn’t the greatest – work with a ND so that you can feel great again, and hopefully breeze through pregnancy!

Puberty Guide for Parents | Everything I learned about puberty was from Fully Alive (is this book still being used?) or from ‘Dear God, It’s Me Margaret’. Moms, it’s really important for you to talk to your kids about puberty and what they should expect. Because if you don’t (a) they might get the wrong information and (b) they might not feel comfortable talking to you about other things. Talking about puberty can help normalize what your child is going through, and it may even bring your relationship closer together. Plus, if you experienced incredibly painful periods when you were younger and now your daughter is experiencing the same – it may be more than just a coincidence, it might be endometriosis (which has a family link!). 

Possible Causes of Endometriosis | Speaking of endometriosis, check out why you might be experiencing incredibly painful periods. 

Tampon Delivery Service | I’ve never signed up for a delivery service (and I’ve been using a menstrual cup for about 2 years) but I love that the message is to normalize periods. We shouldn’t need to hide our fifth vital sign from men (or other women) because it might make them uncomfortable. We can’t help it when we sneeze, why should we help it if we experience our period?

Reducing Adrenal Fatigue
 | So many women I know are running on empty. I’m giving you permission to NOT do that. These are 4 great steps to help ‘top you up.’ And when you’re ready, there’s a wealth of practitioners who can help you feel great again. PS. My tried and true favourite step? Sleep. Except on nights when the Amazing Race is on. I’m obsessed. 

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