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May 12, 2017
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I took this picture years ago, yet the message remains the same. I often find that my patients come from two camps. The first being that they will do everything that I saw to a T – which is great, especially when I create an amazing plan that will undoubtedly get them results. Or I have patients that come to see me, and get intimated of the work that they have to do. I get it, sometimes we just want an instantaneous cure. And yes, life does get stressful and reverting back to our old habits – no matter how much harm they cause, provides us with a sense of comfort. However, doing the same old will not create the change we want. It probably won’t lead us to better health. Sometimes we need to risk the uncomfortable and create a change. Slowly make new habits. And then reap the benefits. 

What you should read this Friday!

30 Min Cleaning Hack | I’ll get straight to the point: 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break. So if you find yourself working from home one day – instead of scrolling through Instagram to give your brain a rest – why not make your bed, fold up a blanket, bring your dirty dishes to the sink, etc. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better when I’m working in a clean and organized space – so much so that whenever I had to study for my exams, I would spend a few hours cleaning my room first!

Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy | A good perspective of what it’s like to be pregnant when you’re obese, and remember that while there are higher risk and statistics – it doesn’t mean that it will happen to you. 

Secondary Infertility | In the medical field we like to characterize the causes of certain conditions into primary, secondary or unexplained. When it comes to fertility, secondary infertility means that you were able to become pregnant and have a baby once, but are unable to do so again. Read on to learn about why secondary infertility occurs and what your hormones may have to do about it. 

Career Support During Pregnancy | A couple of great tips from women who want to help support your career while you’re pregnant. 

Fertility Tech | This wearable tech device called Ava, tracks 9 parameters (at night!) to help you understand your cycle, including – stress, sleep, temperature, weight, and pulse. According to the company, they are able to identify 5 fertile days per cycle. This is pretty interesting and I would be open to trying out this product when I’m ready to begin having kids. I would be curious to know what happens with the information once a woman discovers she is stressed and not sleeping well. Or her temperature is consistently low. This tracker may be good at detecting how lifestyle and dietary changes are influencing a person’s physiology. For instance, if I have a low temperature (which is an indicator for hypothyroidism), this wearable device should be able to track how my temperature is changing with botanical support, adrenal support, etc. Otherwise if you’re seeing undesirable numbers but don’t consider implementing change – then what’s the point?

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