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June 2, 2017
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I’ve been well on my way to boosting my yang and healing my thyroid and adrenals this week – between meditating everyday to sneaking in a quick HIIT workout before lunch. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be a lot of work, but we often think it is. I’ve been reading The Four Agreements this week (a book that has been on my shelf over a year – can you say tsundoku), and Don Miguel Ruiz says “We trust what we believe, and our beliefs set us up for suffering.” If we believe we can’t get better, if we believe that the work is too hard, then how will we achieve our goals? How will we feel the way that we’ve always wanted to? 

I believe that I will get better. I believe that feeling my greatest will allow me to live my greatest potential and help others. 

What do you believe?

What you need to read this Friday

What causes male infertility | A gentle reminder that sometimes it’s not you, it’s him. 

Tea & Epigenetic Changes | The results show that there are epigenetic changes in women consuming tea, but not in men. Interestingly, many of these epigenetic changes were found in genes involved in cancer and estrogen metabolism.” What this study doesn’t tell us is the type of change made – positive or negative. That said, I steep tea for it’s health benefits and will continue to do so!

5 Ways Men Shape Their Children’s Health | Spoiler: Women don’t alone determine their child’s health – a man’s lifestyle affects his child’s health. 

(Note: Epigenetics is everywhere this week!!! And if you don’t know what epigenetics is – the science of how genes are modified by environment and lifestyle, and how those modifications can be passed to new generations

Does your egg count drop postpartum? | You are born with all the eggs you could possibly ever have. That number is in the millions. But by birth you have about 1 million follicles, by puberty you have about 300k, and it continues to drop as you get older. If you are worried about your egg count (for fertility purposes), you can have a test done to determine your ovarian reserve. This test is usually done when a couple is infertile

Endometriosis & it’s effects on …men’s sex lives
There are so many other things that should be looked at regarding endometriosis before we look at how it impacts sex for men: a less invasive way to diagnose, understanding the ways it impacts the everyday life of people who have it, proper pain management, raising awareness so women aren’t accused of lying, a cure.”

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