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October 14, 2016
fertility friday, naturopath, naturopathic doctor, bloor west, alexsia priolo Fall is upon us! This is my favourite season because of the cooler air, changing leaves and dark colours (yes, I love fashion). I was overseas this time last year, and took this photo at Munich’s English Garden. Getting outside is really important for me, my mental health and my liver qi. I encourage you to get outside this weekend, snap a few photos of the leaves and enjoy the fresh air. Here are the links I’m loving (including 1 shameless self-promotion):

Why I love menstrual cups! / I made the switch to cups last year and couldn’t be happier. Watch the video to learn why tracking blood loss is so important – especially as the temperature keeps getting cooler.

Treating post-pill acne / Many young girls start the pill because of acne. However, when we stop it as grown women it can come back – which is incredibly difficult to deal with as an adult. The ND in this article outlines what you can do to treat and eliminate post-pill acne, but keep in mind that when you’re supplementing with vitamins and minerals it’s best to do so with a licensed practitioner such as a ND.

Clean up your routine / Have you switched to triclosan-free soaps yet? Here’s why you should.

The Importance of Self-Love / How does that Justin Timberlake song go? “Ain’t nobody love you like you love you.” OK Corny, but true! At the end of the day we are the ones who fundamentally take care of ourselves. Not our spouse, parent, child or friend. Number #5 says to pamper yourself – I’m following that advice and booking a scrub at Body Blitz!

Why some women stop periods / I get it. Not everyone wants to have a period. But when it comes to PMS, heavy flow, and pain – I don’t know if a bandaid solution is best. Maybe I’ve been in my preventative-bubble for so long, and that’s why I think that this is akin to putting a bandaid on the problem.

How much should you exercise if you’re sitting all day / “People who work a typical eight-hour day should spend at least one hour each day moving; if you sit six hours a day, you should spend half an hour exercising. The research also indicated that the exercise doesn’t have to be all at once — or rigorous. It can be spread throughout the day and be as simple as walking.”

Inheriting male infertility / “Unlike the most commonly used IVF procedures today, which involve mixing many sperm cells in a petri dish with an egg until fertilisation occurs, ICSI involves injecting a single male sperm cell directly into an egg to achieve fertilisation.”

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