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November 18, 2016

fertility friday, fertilty, naturopath bloor west, naturopathic doctor bloor west, naturopathic doctor toronto, alexsia prioloDo you ever have one of those weeks where the ideas keep coming and you can’t keep up? Sometimes, I need to slow down and just plan things out. Like a 5 year plan. Has anyone made one of those? It’s pretty daunting! I suppose I haven’t really sat down and planned things out since I finished school. It was always a plan to be a doctor, find a place to work, and live. And I am – but then there’s always the “what’s next?”

So here’s to spending some time planning and thinking – especially as the year is closely coming to an end. And if thinking happens best outside in colourful company, whether it be trees or graffiti, so be it.

5 links that you should check out:

Are your period cramps normal? | Spoiler: Small cramping, yes. Terrible cramping, no. We’ve been though this on my site plenty of times before – however, repetition is key!

Eat chocolate to help with cramps | In all honesty, I’m very picky when it comes to chocolate. So when it contains a bunch of TCM herbs, I would be wary because of the potential taste. Also, I don’t want another temporary fix for my period – I want a long-lasting answer! I’ll skip the TCM herbs for some TCM acupuncture!

Fertility Problems on the Rise? | Potentially yes, at least with current research around males. Next steps? If you’re struggling to get pregnant – go see a doc! (And yes, that also includes a ND for good measure).

Your guide to birth control | I thought this was a cool site to play around with. It explains all the current methods of birth control including an IUD, fertility awareness, and withdrawal. The more you know!

Ontario’s Fertility Program | Back in 2015, the Ontario government began a fertility program where it would cover the cost of one IVF, AI, and IUI treatment. Here’s how the program is looking today!

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