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December 16, 2016

fertility friday

Did you have a wonderful week this week? I hope so! My osteopath fixed up my ankle and helped me stop coughing in the middle of the night. I was featured on the Expectant Mom Project (please check it out!), and I am slowly building up a mountain of books to read over the holidays!

5 Links to Read

Going off the birth control pill | Oftentimes coming off the pill can be easy – but it may result in those symptoms you tried to avoid (acne, painful periods, etc.) or lead to amenorrhea (aka. loss of your period). There are ways to fix this, with the right help and guidance!

Millennials are pretending to be older | “Young female workers report feeling marginalized and patronized, having to prove themselves over and over. And so some young women are deliberately concealing their age in the workplace—through both style choices and carefully guarding their number—in the hope of being perceived as older, and therefore more serious and respectable”

I can resonate with this article, because at times I feel that despite almost being 30 years old – I’m perceived as a young kid. This ‘entitled’ stereotype that women work against may be one of the reasons why we spend so much time in the workforce trying to achieve our professional goals, prolonging our fertility journey and potential struggle. That’s not to infer a causation, but all the stress that women experience trying to prove themselves may not be conducive to optimal health.

Mansplaining Hotline | I started listening to a podcast about mansplaining on SMNTY, and then came across this article. My question is: Have you ever had someone mansplain something to you?

Period Euphemisms | I’ve never heard most of these before – but German’s strawberry week (Erdbeerwoche)? Pretty cute.

Menstrupedia |  This would have been a great resource to complement that out-dated Fully Alive textbook back in elementary school. Menstruation and menstrual health is so important for girls (and their parents) to recognize at an early age!

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