Female Friday

February 17, 2017
female friday, naturopathic doctor toronto Do you ever get really excited to eat something? I prepped and marinated a skirt steak last night with my partner and I’m really excited to get it on the grill tonight (I’m also the person who religiously reads a menu before going to a restaurant so I can get excited about what I’m eating). Maybe this is a sign of getting older (I just had my birthday last week)… Anyway I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of terrific links this week that I think you’ll enjoy!

What I’m loving this week

What Beyonce’s fertility can teach your about your own / What do you think about this article? I just turned 29 and I’m becoming increasingly aware that I’ll soon be reaching ‘that’ age when conception may become more difficult. This author is discussing some tests that a woman who is past her prime should get: “If you’re a woman, this would entail a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist where you’ll review your medical history, get a sonogram (to check your ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes to see if there are any polyps, fibroids, cysts or blockage) and a blood test to check your hormones, specifically your Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH). This will give the doctor an overall idea of roughly the amount and quality of your eggs as well as your fertility health.” As a doctor I understand why these tests are important, and I plan on getting blood work done before pregnancy because I have a history of hypothyroidism and iron-deficiency anemia. But I’m curious if woman my age (or a few years older) have all the above tests done. Or do they wait until a primary infertility diagnosis (a couple doesn’t become pregnant after 1 year of having sex without using any birth control methods)? For now, I’m going to continue to track my ovulation, monitor my thyroid, eat as clean of a diet as I can, decrease my toxic load and exercise. 9 Signs that you may not producing enough estrogen / Many women get worried about estrogen dominance (after all, estrogen mimickers can be found everywhere). But sometimes women aren’t producing very much estrogen and experiencing run-of-the-mill symptoms! Endometriosis & Homeopathy / I’ve actually had success with homeopathy and endometriosis. While I didn’t use homeopathic estrogen, this is still pretty cool! Going off the Birth Control Pill / Pill periods are not the same as real periods. It’s also very important to keep in mind that whatever the reason why you went on the pill in the first place (acne, incredibly painful PMS, PCOS) it’s likely that the issue hasn’t gotten resolved. So if you’re getting married or looking to become pregnant in the next little while – now might be the time to really focus on your health and figure out the cause of your unwanted symptoms. Because you’re probably not wanting to walk down the aisle with acne or experience painful PMS on your honeymoon. Staying in is the new going out / Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to restaurants and trying new things (or going to check out new exhibits in the city), but there’s something about staying in that speaks to me. It might be saving that restaurant money for mortgage payments, but I just love cooking with my partner and cuddling while watching Netflix, or even having my girls over for brunch. Also I was always that kid who would rather read a good book than go out on a Friday night. (PS. If you have any great book recommendations, message me in the comments!)

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