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January 20, 2014

wild mushroom soup

I’m on a bit of a mushroom kick this week (appetizers & entree). I essentially love all types of mushrooms – they’re incredibly delicious, and many of them even have medicinal properties. Their earthy and nutty flavours give great depth to dishes when cooked for long periods of time.

Roasted Mushrooms | You know a recipe is good when your brother begs you for it. This is a quick and delicious appetizer that pairs well with chicken and has a fantastic flavour profile. I tried it with simple button mushrooms – so I’m excited to try it with something a bit more fancy.

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup | A few weeks ago I was at my local bulk foods store and came across an interesting ingredient – wild black rice. I purchased a cup without knowing what exactly I’d use it for. That was until I came across this delicious recipe. I must admit that I tweaked it a little bit by adding ‘simmering short ribs’ to appease the family and add some meat.

My extra ingredients: 1lb of short ribs, salt & pepper

Instructions: Cut the short ribs into smaller pieces (and de-bone them), and season with some salt and pepper. Add 1tbsp of oil (I like grape seed, but it doesn’t really matter) to a heated dutch oven, and then place the short ribs inside to brown the sides (you want a nice crisp on most sides). Once browned, begin to follow the original recipe.

To make it a lactose-free recipe, omit the milk/cream, and it will still taste just as delicious. To make it a gluten-free recipe, omit the flour – I did not try this variation, although I’m sure it would taste just as great, but perhaps wouldn’t be as thick as the original recipe.

Paleo Vanilla Cupcake | I’ve made this quite a few times last week (that dreaded sweet tooth!). It’s no secret that I love all of Delighted Momma’s recipes (especially the cupcake ones), and this newest addition does not let down. If you have coconut flour lying around, go make this right now.

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