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March 14, 2012

Today was a perfect day to walk around downtown with your best friends, come up with amazing (and potentially life-changing ideas), enjoy amazing food and then talk over a refreshing cool drink.

I woke up late today (reviewing for my anatomy lab until the early morning – I despise late classes), and decided that since the weather chose to be absolutely gorgeous, I should somewhat mimic that.

There’s something about dressing up that makes me feel good. I don’t do it to impress other people – it’s just nice looking (somewhat) presentable and to change up the daily sweatpants + t-shirt uniform. It helps that I bought a new pair of pants from Zara and it was nice enough to wear them outside. (I noticed today that they were supposed to be crops, but since I’m only 5’1 they look like normal pants on me)

The day was momentarily ruined when we had to go to our cadaver lab and examine the mesentery of the small intestine (welcome to naturopathic medicine!), but we got through it quickly and I luckily finished they day off with from coconut and peanut butter froyo (which isn’t very naturopathic, but I was craving something sweet & Starbucks ran out of Passion Tea Lemonade)

My to do list tonight – attempt a castor oil pack… this is might get messy.

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