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May 28, 2012
I’m one of those people who goes through skin-care products like it’s my job. I try and find the best product at a certain price point (as I’m not about to spend $800 on a beauty cream). 
When I had bad acne on my chin, I raided the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart looking for a gentle, yet effective product – no luck. I then headed on over to Lush hoping that something relatively natural would do the trick – while I loved the toner I picked up – nothing that I used made the acne go away.
Finally I gave up – I figured that since I was starting at CCNM in a few months, I’d just go to the doctor there (because the dermatologist didn’t help at all). 
After completing the elimination diet, I discovered that white sugar and lactose were my enemies (I’m not too sure if gluten is anymore…), as they prevented my from having a nice and clear complexion (like I used to). 
Still, I wanted to find myself an effective facial cleanser – and I thought I did, until I stumbled upon something called the oil-cleansing method. 
You can read about it here – but I simply wanted to add my two cents, by commending its effectiveness. Not only does it moisturize my skin without clogging my pores (preventing the need to buy a moisturizer), it does a better job at cleaning my skin than a regular facial cleanser!
During the day I wear a BB cream – just to even out my skin tone, and to give myself a nice glow. At night I wash it off (or so I think) with a seemingly effective cleanser. One night, I washed my face again with my mix of castor and grape seed oils (with two drops of tea tree oil), and low and behold, the cream was still on my face!
Anyway, I simply wanted to highlight the fact that sometimes spending a ridiculous amount of money is unnecessary – because the products that do an effective job are usually in your kitchen. Have any of you tried the oil cleansing method?

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