Passport to Prana: Moksha North York

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January 15, 2014
moksha north york

A few months ago I purchased a Passport to Prana. I discussed it back in this post – and I have only used it once more since then. As per my 2014 intention, I want to use it more often (at least once a month) because who doesn’t love great deals on yoga classes?

This time, the studio that I practiced at was my home studio Moksha North York. About 2.5 years ago, I took my first class here, and although I found it incredibly difficult – I left with feeling of euphoria and peace. I just felt so good. So I kept going back.

Originally, I didn’t know what to expect with yoga. And to be honest, I didn’t think that stretching would be such an intense workout (boy, was I wrong). It’s interesting really, because it belonged in the ‘prologue’ part of my journey to Naturopathic Medicine. Back in high school I used to get panic attacks, so I went to my pediatrician and was really disappointed when I had to see a substitute instead of my regular doctor. The replacement doc hailed from somewhere in Europe and after doing a quick physical exam, she prescribed a yoga class instead of meds. Unfortunately I didn’t find a yoga class that was close by, so I ended up doing a pilates class with my mom. But the suggestion lingered in my mind for a few years until late 2011.

The Moksha NY atmosphere is why I keep coming back. There’s something about the environmentally-friendly space, and peaceful teachers that lures me in on both good days and bad. With the intense program I’m in, I often attend a class to ease my anxiety and calm my mind, and I always leave feeling revitalized and feeling like I helped my body in a nourishing way.

A few more reasons why I love this studio: it’s close by (aka. accessible by subway), and CCNMers get a sweet deal.

My absolute favourite classes here are the powerflow classes (I always try my best to attend one of Steph’s classes, when my school schedule permits). They also offer regular moksha classes, yin, and community/karma classes (Oh how I wish they were big enough to have a yoga barre class!). Since this is such a popular studio, it’s best to reserve online and arrive early (especially since it’s January and essentially everyone has the same resolution).

Overall, it’s an incredibly welcoming and cozy studio which also offers massage services, and has a variety of products to help elevate your experience. Try a class, you won’t be disappointed.

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