Comparing Period Underwear: Knix VS Thinx

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December 4, 2017

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I LOVE talking about all things period – and I’ve been pretty open about my own period routine. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know that I switched to a menstrual cup over 2 years ago and have been loving it. But lately, there’s been tons of talk about period underwear. I’m a member of a variety of women’s groups and there’s always questions popping up asking if period underwear are worth it, which brand to get, etc. 

Because I want to continue minimizing my carbon footprint, be part of the conversation, and help women make a well-informed purchase – I bought a pair of period underwear from Knix and a pair from Thinx

knix underwear review, thinx underwear review

Knix Review

Cost: $43 (with tax & shipping)
Construction: Seamless, absorbant gusset
Performance: Great for medium – light days

Knix is a Toronto-based company, that sells bras, underwear and recently loungewear. I have purchased one of their bras in the past, as well as regular underwear. Their regular underwear is made from nylon and Lycra and is seamless.

Their leakproof line is designed for periods and urinary incontinence (PS. if you do leak while you run/jump/laugh, I would recommend seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist). The bikini underwear can hold up to 2 tampons-worth of fluid, which is roughly 10mL (or 2 tsp), although they have other styles (like thongs) that hold less. 

Their leakproof underwear is designed very similarly to their regular line – both are seamless, the body is made from nylon and Lycra, the only difference is that the leakproof pair has a lined crotch (also known as a gusset). The gusset is 86% cotton. There isn’t any extra support in the front or back area.

I wore this pair on my medium – light days (the tail-end of my cycle). And I liked them because they were thin and seamless (aka. not as thick as Thinx) and I didn’t need any of that additional lining. Taking care of them was also easy – I washed them in cold water and threw them into the dryer (although they do recommend that they should be hung to dry). 

2 MONTH UPDATE: Still going strong! Like I’ve said, I’ve purchased other Knix underwear in the past and it still looks good as new. 

6 MONTH UPDATE: The ironed seam (at the gusset) has come loose, which is incredibly disappointing (I have not noticed this issue with my older Knix underwear). This has left some of the padding exposed. That said, I will continue to use them until them though (especially since they were over $40!). 

Thinx Review

Cost: $53 (with shipping & converted to $CAD)
Construction: Not seamless, fully lined, extra layer from front of the gusset extending to the back
Performance: Great for heavy days and overnight

Thinx is an American-based company that only sells period-proof underwear – although they do have a sister company called Icon designed for women who experience urinary incontinence. Thinx is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent and leakproof. My pair is made with breathable PUL fabric, and the inside layer is 95% cotton (which is great for those who suffer from chronic vaginal infections). I purchased the scarlet hiphuggers, that are designed to hold 2 tampons worth of fluid. Like Knix, they have various styles (like boy shorts) that hold different amounts of liquid. 

I was so pleased when I opened these because they are fully lined (back and front!), and look and feel completely different than Knix. I wore these during my heavier days, including overnight. They felt very snug and secure, adding to that extra sense of security – which was comforting especially when wearing them overnight. When I did notice some slight leakage during the day and night, the Thinx absorbed everything and did not stain any clothes or sheets! 

Taking care of the Thinx was also rather simple. After I finished using them, I rinsed them in water, machine washed in cold water and hung to dry.

2 MONTH UPDATE: The threads of the band have started to get a bit loose and pull at the top. For a product that costs more than $50, this is really disappointing. I don’t believe that all pairs have this band, so it may not affect the other pairs. However you may want to make this consideration if purchasing the hiphuggers. 

6 MONTH UPDATE: No other threads have come loose. Aside from that minor issue 4 months ago, everything has remained the same. 

knix underwear review, thinx underwear review

Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been a pricey experiment – but I know that I will save on the cost of pads and liners, water usage (for any accidents), and help save the environment! It’s been great having a dedicated pair of underwear to wear during my period – and I would purchase another pair of the Thinx for my second heavy day! I am interested in seeing if any Canadian companies like Knix will make a similar style of product and what the price point may be, and if they would offer them in bundles to make them more accessible. 

You can check out Knix’s leakproof line here.

If you want to save $10 on a pair Thinx, use this link!

Check out my article where I discuss other reusable menstrual products!

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks! I wanted to try these and bought my first pair of Knix yesterday (chose them because they are Canadian), but I was second-guessing myself and your review helped.

  2. Tania says:

    Just wondering whether you had to pay Canadian duties when the package arrived from Thinx? Considering ordering them but they’re so expensive!

    • No! Thankfully I didn’t have to pay any duties 🙂

      They are quite expensive, and I hesitated for a while I was lucky enough to snag my second pair when the hiphuggers went on sale.

      If you are okay with waiting, you can always see if they have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

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