breaking fertile ground

Fertility Support

Do you find yourself trying to conceive, thinking about it, or planning for it in the future? 

Whether you want to conceive now, or in 2 years, I offer fertility support to individuals or couples wanting to conceive. 

In Canada, 1 in 6 couples experience infertility. 

Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after 12 months of having unprotected sex (if you’re under the age of 35). If you’re older than 35, the time shortens to 6 months. 

You might need fertility support if you:

  • Are planning to conceive
  • Are 35 or older
  • Have a history of fertility or reproductive health problems including miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, premature or still birth
  • Are considering or using IVF
  • Experiencing period problems (no periods, irregular periods, heavy periods, etc.)
  • Aren’t ovulating (PCOS)
  • Experiencing problems with your uterus (fibroids, thin endometrial lining)
  • Experiencing problems with your fallopian tubes (blockages)
  • Experiencing hormonal imbalances (thyroid disease, estrogen/progesterone production, LH and FSH)
  • Have endometriosis
  • Experiencing early menopause (before you’re 40)

How does Dr. Alexsia support fertility?

Individual or couple support includes:

  • Identifying what you need to support fertility and conception
  • Identifying any conception roadblocks (like some of the examples listed above) 
  • Promoting reproductive health of everyone and everything involved to support fertility (I’m talking about the egg, sperm and womb)

Dr. Alexsia will work collaboratively with you and your fertility team to support your conception. This is because, the conventional approach often doesn’t recognize or treat underlying health concerns.

When do you need to start?

You might think that you need to seek support if you’ve had a miscarriage or trying for about a year with no positive pregnancy test to show for it. But that’s not actually true! You can start at any time, especially if you have any conditions associated with infertility

It takes about 4 months for eggs and sperm get to where they need to be for a healthy pregnancy. So starting at least 4 months before, can set you on a healthy path. 

Let’s do this!

Not only do I want to help you see that big fat positive, I want to help you maintain your pregnancy!

Let’s work together to create lasting lifestyle changes that will improve your fertility, your chances at conception and the health of you and your future child! Studies show that couples going through IVF are up to 47% more successful if they use a preconception plan prior to the cycle. 

If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or will be going through IVF, feel free to book a free consultation with me to see if we’re a good fit!


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