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Pap Tests

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What is a pap test?

Pap tests are used to determine if abnormal cells are present in the cervix, an area where cervical cancer would develop.

When should a pap test be done?

Anyone with a cervix should begin pap testing at 21 years old if they are sexually active. For normal results, your subsequent pap exam should be in 3 years. However, if results are abnormal then your next test should occur in 6 months.

Why work with a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to perform pap tests on people with vaginal canals. This may be helpful if you don’t have a family doctor, or if you don’t necessarily feel comfortable having one done.

Also, most extended health insurance companies may cover both the cost of the appointment and test itself.

What to expect during your test

I work with clients to ensure that they are aware of what is being done during the test, and are comfortable throughout. I begin the appointment by taking a focused health history. Once that’s complete, I explain the 3 steps of the exam.

1 – External exam of your vulva, labia, and skin. This will involve some palpation (you will be told when this will happen).

2 – Internal exam of your vaginal canal with the speculum. At this point the pap test will be done, and a sample of your cervical cells will be taken.

3 – A bimanual exam where your ovaries and uterus will be assessed (if necessary).

Although taking the cervical sample can be quick, I build time into the appointment where we can take time to ensure your comfort throughout the test. I work with many clients with penetrative issues that often need more time when it comes to inserting the speculum. I will even work with your pelvic physiotherapist to ensure a comfortable experience for you (available at Proactive Pelvic Health Centre only).

Do you need to be a current client?

Absolutely not. However, the visit does have time built in to take a focused health history.

How to book your appointment

Please note that I only offer pap tests at Proactive Pelvic Health Centre at this time. Feel free to book online.

pap test, pap smear, naturopathic doctor, alexsia priolo