Because your pelvis needs some care too

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health is the assessment and treatment of various conditions that may directly involve the pelvic floor or affect structures in that area. Do you have a pelvic floor? You sure do! It includes muscles, ligaments, nerves and pelvic tissues that support your pelvic organs – bladder, bowels, ovaries and uterus. When your pelvic floor is not functioning optimally, it may affect muscle tone, urination, bowel movements and sexual function. I work alongside many pelvic floor physiotherapists to complement their treatments. I focus on nutrition, lifestyle, stress (as cortisol levels may be dysregulated in pelvic floor conditions), acupuncture and smart supplementation of various vitamins, minerals and herbs.
Common conditions that I see are: Endometriosis Interstitial cystitis Irritable bowel syndrome Urinary tract infections Vaginal infections Female sexual dysfunction Painful sex I also offer Pap exams to clients who haven’t not yet had a Pap exam done, either because of past or potential discomfort or because they don’t have a medical doctor. Click this link to learn more.


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