The elimination diet continues…

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October 27, 2011
About a month ago, I visited my intern at the clinic and complained about acne, digestion problems, and my weight. Her suggestion? The elimination diet. 
I had heard about this elusive diet early in September – and I thought it would be cool to do. Right? Wrong. 
As my intern handed me lengthy pamphlet about what I could and could not eat, I broke out into laughter. Normally I would not have a problem foregoing eating red meat, dairy products, and sweets. However, I didn’t realize that I had to completely cut out tomatoes, mushrooms, bananas, and strawberries for 3 weeks. 
Despite my sadness, I went along with the diet, and I saw amazing results!
My acne went away completely, I started eating a lot more vegetables, and I generally felt a lot better about myself. Because of this, I’ve decided to continue the diet – but with one minor modification: tomatoes and mushrooms. 
Moreover, I’ve also started to branch out and try completely new foods (because I seriously couldn’t eat much for the last 3 weeks). One of the great meals that I’ve made was a gluten-free quinoa salad – it was incredible, and it’s lasted for about 3 days – which is perfect for my busy schedule (wake up, school, eat, study, sleep). 

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