Why you should always travel with a pair of wool socks

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November 4, 2015

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Last week I returned home from my European vacation. The food, architecture, the nature – it was incredible. I’m mentally planning my next adventure (don’t tell my partner). I was worried however, of getting sick during especially because it was a 3-week trip in October.

Naturally, I packed a few supplements, botanicals, homeopathics, and cozy socks. Fast forward to our second week, when I begin to feel congested (and my walking back and forth to the powder room almost single-handedly contributed to my daily step count). As I lay in bed that night, I remembered my wool socks.

My partner thought I was a bit nuts, as I encouraged myself (out loud, obviously) to put on the freezing socks. Come the next morning, however, the congestion was gone! I could breathe deeply through both nostrils and life couldn’t be any better.

The mechanism behind this chilly practice, is that the cold applied to our feet stimulates both our circulation and lymphatic system, thereby making our body warm up our feet. Reflexively, this treatment also increases circulation and lymph in our head and throat (causing a decrease in congestion).

The treatment is amazingly simple – you need a pair of thin cotton socks, a pair of thick woollen socks, and cold water. Before you attempt the treatment, it’s best to ensure that your feet are warm – you may want to take a hot bath or shower right before. Soak the cotton socks in ice-cold water and wring them out. Once more for good measure. Now here’s the fun part – put those cold socks on your feet. Breathe. One more time. Finish by covering them with the wool socks. Go to bed. Wake up 8+ hours later and marvel in your dry feet and socks! Carry on with your normal day-to-day, this time congestion free.

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