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May 24, 2012
Slowly but surely I’m crossing things off my summer bucketlist!
Since visiting the National Gallery in Ottawa, I found myself wanting to go back to the AGO  (I’ve only been once) mostly because a Picasso exhibit is being featured this summer. I found myself downtown yesterday – to meet up with my friend, and we dined at Kalendar (seriously amazing) and then visited Kensignton Market – where we encountered many police cars  and  news reporters (wonderful!). I later ventured up to Yorkville, just to kill some time before 6 – and then headed back down towards the AGO.
I would consider myself a pretty independent person, however when I go places (like downtown) I love having company – there’s just something awesome about sharing an experience with another person.
Now I’ve realized that it’s okay doing things by yourself, in fact there’s a great sense of freedom associated with it. It gives me time to think, plan, and really enjoy what’s in front of me. While there is a sense of enjoyment with other people – being alone gives you enough time to look at things and process what your seeing (not at someone else’s schedule).
The Picasso exhibit was wonderful – and it was interesting to see how his style evolved throughout the years – especially as new women came into his life and acted as his muse.
I loved many of his sculptures and paintings – some of which captured me the most (because of the colour and style) were:
The Kiss
Man in Straw Hat with Ice Cream Cone
The sculptures were also magnificent, I particularly enjoyed the Goat, Death, and the swimmers. 
Have you been to an art gallery recently? What are some of your favourite pieces to see?

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